Yashel Ap Thoros

The only surviving member of the fallen Thoros Noble House, due to his blood he is hunted by the members of the rival House Jeriko. At 8 years old he have already seen his whole family quickly being murdered around him, the last of whom was his mother. He may still be a boy but the threat of him returning to Durean as a symbol of the supporters of House Thoros is far too big for House Jeriko to take, so they still hunt him.

Nathaniel Mea

A 31 year old hero of the realm, he and his former fellow travelling companions are among the most powerful heroes in the country of Senobia, honoured by the Queen herself. Nat is a quiet and private man, even with all the fame his name come with. He quickly took to Yashel, as he was filled with anger over the attack on the boy and his mother at the beginning of their encounter. He then decided, after finding out about the blood of the child, to protect him until he reached adulthood or could get him into safety.

Lucien Mea Ap Jeriko

Lucien is the Envoy of House Jeriko and the cousin of Nathaniel. He spent his childhood in the relative comfort of the house of his father, Kadviel, the younger brother of Noriel Mea, Nathaniel's father. After the death of Noriel and after Nathaniel let the family's business fall into ruin, Lucien had to do something to save his family. So he came to work for House Jeriko, first as a scribe, then, as he rose in the ranks, as their envoy. Speaking for them on official business. He rose fast in the ranks, at 28 years old, he is the youngest official in the House.

Asterion Mea

Younger half brother of Lucien Mea, cousin of Nathaniel Mea. He was born a bastard to Kadviel Mea and his official mistress, Mila Pine. His mother died early from plague and Asterion came to live with his father's family. Asterion, or Aster as he is called, was approved on by his father's wife and he found a warm welcome in their house... until his uncle died and the family fortune quickly dwindled into nothing. He joined his older brother in finding work with House Jeriko, and his prowess with a sword soon won him the position of Captain of the Guard of House Jeriko's House Guard.

Nia Lanley

Born the daughter of a mercenary and a prostitute, she soon found herself a little warrior. Being the daughter of a decent sword woman, she was taught early to fight and fend for herself. Her mother died in a fight when Nia was 19 though, and Nia inherited her small fortune and her sword. She soon joined the City Guard of Dueran and after a few years she were recruited by Asterion into House Jeriko.

Rhey Grennly

Born a butcher's son and the youngest out of eight siblings, Rhey lived with the knowledge that if he wanted a life or an income we would have to set out from his family's home and small home town to find his own fortune. He joined a group of travelling adventurers and were taught the trade of sword for hire. He were then, after a good fight in the gutters of the slums of Durean, was recruited into House Jeriko by Aster.

Shanya Greyhair

A mysterious half elf living in the forests between Durean and Vesper, she "see" the future in the stars and read the destinies of men in the mists of her hot spring. She was born into the world by a human father and a dark elf mother, both of whom are now dead or gone, she lives alone due to her magic, and the wildness of it. She is what is known as a "wild mage", a mage that draws from the untamed magic in the world, rather then the ordered magic of the magical lines that criss cross the world, much like magnetic fields criss cross the world. Her role in the story is yet to be revealed...